About Us

About Us

Desai Fruits and Vegetables Private Limited (DFV) is India’s leading banana supplier, focused on both, the rapidly growing Indian domestic and global markets. DFV has developed a core strength in managing quality control right from tissue plant, providing full traceability right down the to the individual farmer field level. DFV’s excellence stems from its technical know-how and ability to ensure end-to-end supply chain management.

DFV’s strength in sourcing of high quality bananas sets the foundation for a strategic upside in future through forward integration, by extending control of value chain to distribution ex-ripening chamber.

Our Vision / Mission

To be the Largest and most Trusted, Steady State supplier of differentiated select quality fresh produce from the Indian shores, to consumers worldwide.

Benchmarking of Banana Quality

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Capacity Building

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Our Business

DFV has long established links with farmers and is the benchmark for sustainable and socially responsible contract farming, offering a win-win situation for individual and small farmers. Currently, about 1,000 farmers are under contract with a production volume of over 30,000 MT. DFV’s strategy is based on a unique trusted farmer aggregation platform based on a socially responsible “partnership farming” model. This model will be expanded to a wider range of agricultural produce in the years to come.

History & Capability

Started in 2002 as Desai Cold Storage Private Limited, DFV has pioneered the introduction of world class pre and post harvest technologies for production of premium quality bananas in India. DFV’s excellence in supply chain management from field to customer ensures full traceability and safety of the produce. DFV’s USP is to deliver consistent volumes of standardized quality. Since its inception, DFV has invested in R&D for agricultural practices and in developing long-distance transport protocols. These initiatives have helped us to emerge as one of the leading exporters of high quality bananas in India.

2015/16 - Today

- Establishment as leading quality banana supplier to organized retail in India
- Expansion into dedicated sourcing hubs for key accounts
- Forward integration into 30 Indian tier 1 and tier 2 cities
- Domestic brand ramp-up

2011/12 – 2015/16

- Ramp-up of additional procurement hubs across India
- Initiation of cooperation with GIZ for Desai Agri Academy
- Development of supply chain for local Indian market for premium quality bananas
- Trial shipments to domestic retail chains, further ramp-up of new export destinations
- Brand concept development
- Strategic investment of Deepak Fertilizers & Petrochemicals with management lead
- Proof of concept of corporate farming model

2006/07 - 2011/12

- Product portfolio optimization and focus on banana as of 2010/11
- Cooperation with Banana expert teams from Philippines for know-how transfer to India
- Ramp up of strong banana contract farming model with dedicated operations in Gujarat and Maharashtra
- Scale-up of volumes and standardization of business model
- Development of consistent volumes and quality shipments to Middle East resulting in largest ever long-term banana contract out of India
- Trial shipments to Eastern Europe -


- Acquisition of Desai Cold Storage Private Limited by CFI
- Founder Ajit Desai remains shareholder / Chairman
- Start of operations with new focus on pomegranate, mango, grapes and bananas

Our Expertise