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Anantapuram District’s Banana goes abroad!!

Heavy competition among companies for exports. Escalating happiness among horticulture farmers. Anantapuram is known for horticulture crops. The steps are taken towards horticulture produce from here being exported to other continents beyond other districts, states and country. The horticulture farmers are very happy since their Bananas are found best quality for export to abroad. Our Bananas have got fame beyond boundaries. Banana is widely produced in the district and Putlur Mandal ranks the first in the row. In this Mandal, Kadavakallu, Obulapuram, Sanjivapuram, Dosaledu, Maddipalli, Surepalli, Rangarajukunta, Jangamreddypeta, Madugupalli, Yelluta, Kummanamala, Kondugarikunta, Putlur villages are cultivating Banana in 3600 hectares. Majority of the merchants prefer to buy Putlur Banana since it is the best quality even Banana is cultivated in other Mandals. In this context, representatives from Desai, INI and other companies have supervised the crops made arrangements for exporting. The said companies have transported the produce bought here through containers to Mumbai and from there it’s shipped to Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Malaysia, Ukraine, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia etc. Best in quality and stock. Mr. Azhar Pathan, CEO of Desai company had assessed the quality of Banana bunches in the villages of Putlur Mandal during January. The produce is well packed and transported to abroad. It is said that the local Banana is long lasting. They have a target to transport 200 containers of Banana every month. Through modern packaging, about 12 MTs of Banana is transported per container. Special techniques are used to cut the raw Banana. The best quality Bananas are graded to export. The farmers are getting good income since the Banana prices are stable for the last three months. Desai company is paying INR 15,500 per MT to farmers. Within eight days, the payments are deposited in the bank accounts of farmers. To ensure that farmers are not incurring any losses, the bunches are graded into premium and superior categories. Many other farmers have started looking to cultivate bananas because of the availability of fair price and good recognition to local Banana overseas.

Deepak Fertilisers picks up 49% stake in Desai Fruits

Diversified fertilisers player, Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd has acquired 49 per cent equity stake, with management control in Navsari-based Desai Fruits And Vegetables Pvt Ltd (DFV) for a total of Rs 60.77 crore. As per the deal, Deepak Fertilisers will invest Rs 60.77 crore through fresh issue of equity shares to be paid for over the next 30 months, the company informed in a statement filed with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The investment by Deepak Fertilisers would lead to a dilution of the existing holdings of European strategic investor consortium as well as the Indian promoters. The deal values the firm at Rs 124 crore. The current market value of the facilities and infrastructure of DFV is close to Rs 24 crores.

Desai Fruits to invest Rs 60 crore on infrastructure for Gujarat unit

MUMBAI: The country’s biggest banana exporter, Desai Fruits and Vegetables (DFV), is all set to invest most of Rs 60 crore on infrastructure facilities at Navsari, near Gujarat, it raised from Pune-based Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals for a 49% stake. The firm has been seeing a huge demand from Europe and the US, where demand for Indian fruits is growing significantly . Besides firming up plans to upgrade and expand its coldstorage units, sorting machines and packaging facilities, DFV has been actively considering to rope in more than 2,500 farmers in Navsari for contract-farming practices to take up total production to 3 lakh tonne from the current 60,000 tonne of premium banana.

Ajit Desai: Making of the banana king

Desai Fruits & Vegetables Private Limited (DFV) is India’s leading banana producer, focused on both the rapidly growing Indian and global markets.. The Company is the only banana supplier today with the ability to manage quality control right from the tissue to the customer, providing full traceability right down the to the individual farmer field level. DFV’s excellence stems from its ability to ensure end-to-end supply chain management. This sets the foundation for a strategic upside in the future, through forward integration, by extending control of value chain to the wholesale ex-ripening chamber; as also backward integration by developing industrial farming options on own / leaded land.